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Member Spotlight: Alee Johnson, Art by Alee

Member Name: Alee Johnson

Company Name: Art By Alee

How long have you been in business: on the side since 2013, took full-time in July 2016

Date you joined NACE: 9/18/17

Where you can follow me:

Instagram: @artbyalee

Why did you decide to join NACE?

A portion of my business is dedicated to live wedding paintings and wedding commissions. There is such a personal element in this particular artwork and I have found that personally meeting wedding professionals and being able to share face-to-face why and how I do what I do is most effective for building my business. While looking for ways to become more involved in the wedding professional community of Richmond, I was fortunate to meet Megan Ely who introduced me to NACE. Needless to say, I am thrilled I met her that she introduced me to such a wonderful support network at NACE!

What do you hope to accomplish as a NACE member?

I hope to bring something special to NACE members’ clients and help enhance the business of my fellow professionals as well as my own. I also hope to become an active member of the wedding professional community and work towards providing genuine, unique, and quality service to our clients.

What is your favorite thing about being an Event Professional?

As an artist, I am motivated most by product rather than process. The joy I receive from being an artist stems from the joy I am able to bring to others through my artwork. For this reason, I love the opportunity to personally share a gift with brides, grooms, and other clients that brings them joy not only on their special day but I hope for many years to come when they reflect on their paintings. As an “extroverted artist,” it is also such a treat to step away from the studio and get to interact with my clients and their guests in the live painting setting!

What excites you about the upcoming year?

As my business builds momentum, I am really excited for the different opportunities, places, and people I will have the privilege to encounter. I am especially excited to find a niche within the Richmond wedding professional community and make many new friends along the way!

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